Professional Services

Here is a product that we built for LeGrand. This device sat between the LeGrand Nuvo brand of home music systems and industry music sources and was a real-time command link between the Nuvo keypads that were installed in each room and the outside world. With this device the keypads could control for example, a Sonos player and in return what was playing on the Sonos player would display on the keypads. We also integrated it with the newer models of LeGrand players and Amazon's Alexa.

Product Development


Our team has over 50+ years combined developing software and hardware. We are your partner from the start and specialize in early stage R&D environments. We focus on bringing new products to the market.


It goes without saying, we like to focus on the mix between software, hardware, and web enabled products.


We are experienced in developing early stage, new products.  At this crucial point in a products journey, it is critical to avoid mis-steps that could be costly down the road.


We invest in our own products, and also can invest in yours.  If the project requires additional capital, we can help find it.


Business Consulting Services



To compliment our product development expertise, we offer business consulting services to help you take your product to market.  Our team has over 50+ years launching new products and running small businesses in a diverse set of industries.


Taking a new product to market requires the full stack of business knowledge. Our team has everything you need to help guide your product in the right direction.


We like to focus on niche products with a clear, definable market.  This allows us to use our experience to get the product to market fast.